Blunk Residence
Batavia, Illinois
spring 2007-May2008

The owner of this project contacted CTI in early January 2007 intrigued by the One-Watt-House concept. "I want one." he said, and never looked back. Having worked for a German company for 20 years and seeing the efficient houses of his colleagues meant there was little need for convincing on the concepts of compactness of design, optimal utilization of spaces and prioritization of energy efficiency. CTI provided the energy concept, simulation, execution support and final energy audit for the project.



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Building Information   Predicted Energy Data  
Conditioned floor area: 2,900 ft2 Heating Load: 1.5 W/ft2
Building Envelope Surface: 4,904 ft2 HERS Rating: 42
Surface to Floor Area Ratio: 1.96 Annual Heating Cost $231
Building Volume: 34,560 ft3    
Air Tightness: (ACH@50Pa) 0.62 Expected annual energy savings vs. local average: $1,398
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