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Conservation Technology International, Inc. - CTI
Onewattconstruction LLC

Established in 2005, CTI and partner companies make buildings more energy efficient and healthier to live in. We offer customized solutions for building owners of nearly all types to significantly improve their energy efficiency and most other building characteristics. Our strength is our understanding of buildings as a system and our relentless drive for best-in-class components, processes and business.

We engineer One-Watt-Houses and achieve energy savings of 60 to 80% over the average. Most of our buildings don't have furnaces. We prioritize the efficiency, engineering and quality of the passive shell of the building and can add renewable energy features if the project allows. For houses to be attractive for a long time, we partner with few, carefully selected architects.

For existing buildings, both businesses and residences, CTI provides energy audits. For suitable, efficiency focused projects, we provide turn key process: audit - remodel - audit. Smaller projects are supported with auditing and consulting.

CTI is located in the western suburbs of the Greater Chicago Area.

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Most of what we build today will stand through this uncertain century. Sustainable buildings are those which will be an asset, not a burden, to our grandchildren.

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