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One-Watt™ Gut Rehab Services:

One-Watt Construction offers renovation services which:

• Improve the entire building shell (thermal envelope)

• Replace the Heating and Ventilation system

• Dramatically lower the building’s energy demand

We utilize the combined expertise of CTI and One-Watt Construction. In cooperation with the architect, we engineer solutions to make old buildings ready for the next 100 years- including buildings designated as part of historical districts. We are experienced in working with Historical Preservation Committees through the contextual questions of the rehab.

If the building can be brought to a One-Watt-House™ efficiency level, traditional heating systems can be eliminated. Instead, a low-load Heating and Ventilation system that ensures a fresh air supply is installed.

Although One-Watt Construction does not get involved in individual, small remodeling projects addressing one or two components of the house, please consider our services if you plan on a whole-house major rehab. Our holistic approach to buildings can make your old building new AND up to 80% more energy efficient.

Call us if your old building needs a major energy face-lift: 630.262.1195

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