Gulyas Residence
Bloomington, Indiana
designed and built 2007-2008

This new home is located on an urban lot close to downtown Bloomington and Indiana University. The owners are returning to their Indiana roots after many years in the Chicago area. They decided that the home should match their sustainable lifestyle as closely as possible. Therefore, resource and energy efficiency are implemented into the design of a modern bungalow with a small floor plan and simple form. The lot is oriented North-South with an alley access to the West allowing the Southern street elevation to maximize solar gain and a detached rear garage for future photovoltaic (PV) panels. CTI provided full architectural and engineering services for the project.
David Gulyas on December 9, 2010:
"Fantastic performance, thermal comfort, IAQ, etc. Very cold here in single digits F, and I have thermostat in open area at 70F, and 68 in bedrooms. The fans are key to de-stratify and distribute with this low velocity system. So far, I don't see need to add humidity".
In 2010, this house received LEED Platinum certification thanks to the diligent work of David Gulyas. Applying passive house technology translated into high scores in the USGBC rating system.

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  • 1,902 sq.ft. conditioned floor area, single floor
  • HERS 48 energy rating
  • All electric design, ductless air-source heat pump heating
  • Super insulated envelope: R-45 walls; R-50 roof; R50 sub slab
  • 3pane wood/Al windows
  • $707 Total annual energy cost (avg. $58.92/month)
  • 6,969kWh Total on-site energy demand (71% below local average), see below:

gulyas performance

Duke Energy:
12 months personalized energy report,
July 25, 2011